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Welcome to Pioneer

Company History

How We Began...

It all started in a doctor's office. Early in the 1980's, Jim Lemkin N.D., C.N.S., was a young, inquisitive, naturopathic physician starting his own private practice in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. Dr. Lemkin specialized in preventive medicine and nutrition. To learn more about his patients' nutritional habits, 
he would routinely ask them to bring in the supplements they were using. Dr. Lemkin was astounded to find patient after patient returning with handfuls and even shopping bags full of supplements. Often, the combined levels of certain nutrients were actually detrimental to his patients' well being. Dr. Lemkin felt he could serve his patients' needs better. He listened to their confusion about safety and quality, and to their desire for supplements that matched their individual and varied needs. He then set to work on developing the best multiple vitamin and mineral formula possible, based on this guiding principle: to include therapeutically effective levels of the most highly absorbable forms of nutrients, from premium sources only.


The result was PIONEER's best-selling Vitamin Mineral Supplement. Response to this formula -- from local health food stores and doctors' offices as well as patients -- was immediately and overwhelmingly positive. As a result, Dr. Lemkin founded Pioneer Nutritional Formulas, Inc. in 1984.


...and How We Grew

To help expand what was rapidly becoming a successful supplement company, Dr. Lemkin invited clinical nutritionist Terri Kerr, RD, MA, to join him as co-owner and co-formulator in 1989. In December 1996, Lemkin and Kerr purchased Pioneer’s current location, a sun-filled former greenhouse in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.


Pioneer® relies on reputable scientific research and clinical experience to select well-absorbed forms of ingredients in meaningful potencies. The focus at Pioneer® is on comprehensive formulas that can be used together to provide total body health. Also as the leading gluten-free supplement brand, all Pioneer products are lab verified gluten free. Pioneer sources gluten-free raw materials and tests every finished batch of product to ensure that there is less than 10 ppm gluten and 3 ppm gliadin—well below the strictest worldwide gluten-free standards. This is particularly important for individuals with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. As a practitioner brand, Pioneer offers a free Health Education Library that includes a number of informative brochures and fact sheets. These materials are not linked to products and provide natural, holistic suggestions to help optimize health and well-being.


Pioneer joined the Nutraceutical Family of Brands in 2005. To this day, Pioneer continues to be a market leader in gluten-free nutritional supplements, and all Pioneer formulas are formulated by licensed and certified holistic healthcare practitioners who specialize in clinical nutrition and preventative medicine.


As our slogan states, Pioneer is “Proven by Professionals.”