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All PIONEER® formulas are
Laboratory Verified • Clinician-formulated


People with food intolerances may need extra support when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Intestinal malabsorption due to gluten sensitivity causes nutrient deficiencies that can be corrected safely with a gluten-free diet and verified gluten-free nutritional supplementation.


Pioneer is committed to helping people with gluten intolerance meet their increased nutritional needs. To do this, we require that all raw ingredients are gluten-free. In addition, Pioneer tests every batch of finished product using state of the art ELISA methodologies. Products must test below a detectable limit of 10 ppm. Our detectable limit standard is twice as strict as the proposed FDA standard of 20 ppm for gluten-free labeling. Each batch of Pioneer® product must pass the below 10 ppm gluten test before it is released for sale.


As the leaders in finished product gluten testing, Pioneer is proud to support the celiac community with top quality, clinician-formulated, verified gluten-free nutritional supplements - products designed for maximum absorption and benefit as suggested by current, published scientific research.


A peer-reviewed scientific paper published by Pioneer explains why and how people with celiac disease absorb nutrients less efficiently than unaffected individuals.


CONCLUSION: High level nutrient supplementation can be extremely beneficial - and perhaps critical - for those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.


"The Emerging Role of Nutritional Supplementation in Celiac Disease" Adobe PDF

"Gluten Intolerance and Nutritional Supplements" Adobe PDF