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Health Education Library


PIONEER's free, non-product linked Health Education Library includes professionally written materials that address specific health issues, and provide insightful information on clinical aspects of nutritional supplements, ingredients and labeling.


Literature can be ordered free of charge by contacting Customer Service.
(Other titles may be available.)


For questions regarding these topics, please call our Education Line: 800.247.6505



The Eight Healers
Common sense inspiration for wellness of body, mind, and spirit.  


Menopause Nutritional Support
Diet and lifestyle suggestions for easing the symptoms of Menopause. Footnoted, with recommended reading lists.


Easing Stress...Four Steps
Assessment of stress levels and sources, inspiring suggestions for natural stress reduction, holistic approach.


Risk assessment, diet, supplementation, exercise, endocrine and hormone health, testing options. Footnoted, with recommended reading lists.



8.5" X 11", single sided


Background info on this well-studied soy isoflavone derivative, and its influence on bone health. Footnoted.


Reverse Osteo
Research proves bone loss can be reversible. MCH and calcium citrate-malate findings. Footnoted.



The Emerging Role of Nutritional Supplementation in Celiac Disease
A peer-reviewed article, written by Pioneer co-owner, James Lemkin N.D., C.N.S.