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Welcome to Pioneer

Why Choose Pioneer?

Our Mandate

Formulation, Education, Service



  •  Formulas are derived and verified by practicing health professionals (MDs, NDs, DCs, dieticians, herbalists, etc.) with extensive real world clinical experience in preventive medicine.
  • Products are motivated first by therapeutic need, not marketing considerations.
  • Formulas are based on substantial collective professional knowledge of the nutrition research literature.
  • The entire line of products is formulated as an integrated, mutually supportive nutritional system.
  • Formulas are of high ethical standard -- no-nonsense professional formulas, the same ones we give our patients.
  • We use higher levels of superior quality ingredients in our formulas.
  • Honest nutrient amounts are based on what health professionals actually use, not "pixie dust" amounts.
  • True full disclosure includes ratios of all ingredients -- no games played with labels.
  • We are a direct line -- no distributor markups.
  • Read our labels! Compare with other brands for quantity and quality of ingredients.



  • Full commitment is given to patient/customer health, nutrition education and product education.
  • Free Health Education Library features a variety of publications -- brochures, fact sheets, etc.-- that are purely educational, not product-linked.
  • Thoroughly researched educational materials are written from a friendly and informative perspective by licensed holistic clinicians.



  • We are a direct line to retailers.
  • Health professionals are available to answer technical questions.
  • Detailed, factual, clinically-referenced product information is provided.
  • Phone calls are answered promptly by a caring, well-trained staff.
  • Individual customer service representatives personally serve each account.
  • Toll-free phone, easy ordering by phone, fax or email, and an informative, educational website.